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          October 9
          Peter Garland
          CKSL, October 8, 1979
          (Bill Dulmage)

          October 2
          Jay Nelson
          September 29, 1969
          (Doug Thompson)

          September 25
          WMEX, September 30, 1964
          (Doug Thompson)

          September 18
          Don Biefer
          CKFH, 1973
          (Don Biefer/Charlie Ritenburg)

          September 11
          Art Roberts
          WLS, September 5, 1966
          (Don Shuttleworth)

          September 4
          Jack Armstrong
          WWKB, August 31, 2004
          (Bob Skurzewski)

          August 28
          Mike Cooper
          CHUM, August 18, 1976
          (Bill Dulmage)

          Mark Driscoll
          WPOP, August 9, 1969
          (Joe Fazio)

          August 21
          Dave Hull
          KRLA, August 18, 1966
          (Bill Dulmage)

          August 14
          Mike Marshall
          CFTR, August 9, 1974
          (Mike Marshall)

          August 7
          Jay Reynolds
          WIFE, August 9, 1974
          (Bill Dulmage)

          July 31
          Ted Richards
          CKLW, July 31, 1978
          (Joe Fazio)

          July 24
          Don K. Reed
          WCBS-FM, June 10, 1990
          (Don Shuttleworth)


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          Edition #1216 - October 16, 2022

          ART LABOE
          KRLA Los Angeles
          November 29, 1998 (UNSCOPED)

          (Contributor: Don Shuttleworth)

          No one in U.S. radio jocked longer than Art Laboe.

          The Salt Lake City native had a record-setting reer of 79 years, starting in 1943 at KSAN San Francisco. Laboe coined the term "Oldies But Goodies", which led to a series of albums by that name. He was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2012 after a reer that saw him work all over the Los Angeles dial, including stops at KRLA, KPOP, KFWB, KFI and KDAY.

          Enjoy Art Laboe on KRLA from November 29, 1998 (UNSCOPED) ... in the Aircheck of the Week.

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